10 big questions the final series must answer

10 big questions the final series must answer

Warning: contains spoilers

What a steamy, throat-slashing, buttock-baring romp the final episode of Game of Thrones season seven proved to be. Jon Snow and Daenerys cemented their political alliance in traditional Targaryen fashion – “boatcest” is now trending on Twitter – while Lord Baelish was outfoxed by the tag-team of Sansa and Arya (who actually don’t hate one another after all).

Oh, and did we mention the Wall has been bludgeoned to smithereens by the Night King and his new favourite toy Viserion? Well, that happened too.

Now that the eighth and final season is in sight (on April 14), we have many more icky love scenes and character deaths to look forward to. We can also expect answers…

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