4 ways to style a classic polo neck jumper

4 ways to style a classic polo neck jumper

I wondered, then, why he – and so many men I know – were so staunchly against this seemingly inoffensive piece of knitwear. “I thought they were all really tight and would make me look like I had no neck,” said my eloquent friend, Stephen, now also the proud owner of a roll neck jumper. My brother added: “I don’t want to look like I’m trying to be trendy. I’m 42, for heaven’s sake.”

So what is the secret to the perfect roll neck? I would start by strongly suggesting you avoid anything tight-fitting, even if it says it’s made of “stretchable jersey”. Even if you have the body of a man who lives in the gym and who is more protein shake than human, sprayed-on is not a look that should really be sought by anyone over 25. And actually, probably not even then.

Instead, just look for jumpers that fit properly – if you want to wear it with jeans, something slightly slouchy will work very well, while jumpers in merino and finer fabrics can easily be worn under smarter jackets or blazers.



Fiona Firth, buying director at menswear site Mr Porter said that “Roll necks were initially seen as a way to defy traditional dress codes but now they can be one of the most versatile things in a man’s wardrobe. Not just worn with casual looks, either – roll necks are now an acceptable and sophisticated alternative to a suit and tie.”

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