60pc rise in confiscation of uninsured cars

60pc rise in confiscation of uninsured cars

The number of supercars seized in London for being uninsured has increased by more than half, according to new figures.

The highly expensive vehicles are often paraded through the capital’s streets between June and August, known as “supercar season”, attracting crowds of car fans.

Some of the vehicles are imported from the Middle East, as their rich owners seek to escape soaring summer temperatures that can top 50c.

However, despite the wealth of their owners, many of these cars are uninsured. The Metropolitan Police has impounded more and more vehicles for lacking this crucial cover, according to a Freedom of Information request submitted by Telegraph Money.

So far this year the London police has force-seized 68 supercars for having no insurance, of which eight were registered overseas. This is 61pc more than the 42 vehicles that were confiscated in the whole of 2018, when five had foreign owners.

The seized cars are made by Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Ferrari, Ford GT, Lamborghini, Lotus, Maserati, McLaren, Noble or Porsche.

A Metropolitan Police spokesman said the rise in impounded cars was not due to any campaign by the force.

“If a car is pulled over for having no insurance, whether it’s a supercar or the world’s worst car, it will be seized,” he said. The Metropolitan Police could not give a value of the seized supercars.

Owners of luxury cars impounded by the police are given the chance to pay a fine and arrange insurance. Otherwise the vehicles are sold at auction, with cash going to the police force that took the motor off the roads. Lower value vehicles are likely to be crushed, as are supercars that cannot find a buyer.

A spokesman for the Association of British Insurers (ABI) said: “There is no point in buying the car of your dreams if you can’t afford the insurance. There is no justification for driving uninsured.”

In 2017 the Telegraph reported that when a self-proclaimed teenage billionaire Hamza Sheikh discovered his £100,000 supercar had been seized by police for being uninsured, he said he would “just learn to drive in his Rolls Royce.”


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