a documentary that’s more damp squib than killer revelations

a documentary that's more damp squib than killer revelations

Piers Morgan clearly wanted to make a serious true crime documentary. The trappings were all in place: the stern face, moody soundtrack, glitchy graphics and Netflix-esque photography. Unfortunately, he couldn’t suppress his tabloid instincts, meaning that Confessions of a Serial Killer with Piers Morgan (ITV) veered into trashy territory.

That fact that the serial killer doing the confessing was Bernard Giles – who was either unable or unwilling to explain his crimes – only compounded this programme’s problem.

A wiry 65-year-old wearing bifocals, Giles looked less like a bogeyman than a depressed loss adjuster. He recalled first feeling the incipient thrill of sexual violence as a six-year-old…

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