a guide to buying the best local fruit and veg

a guide to buying the best local fruit and veg

Shop seasonally 

Seasonal produce is tastier and often cheaper, but it does mean you can’t get everything you want all year round. “We’re not always in touch with what’s in season,” says Moore, who grew up on an organic homestead, where seasonal fruit and veg was the norm.

While there are ‘hunger gaps’, where little produce is readily available in the UK (late spring, for example), in general it is possible to buy a wide range of seasonal items. “Eating seasonally is a great chance to get stuff when it’s most flavoursome. When things are in abundance, there may be more of it in a packet at the same price.” Right now, Moore suggests seeking out purple sprouting broccoli.

Going seasonal, admittedly, is an adjustment. “Every so often I’ll buy bananas,” Moore explains, “but I don’t buy strawberries in winter. They don’t taste great and come from far away. Then I really appreciate them when they’re back in season.”

Buying seasonally is a great way to innovate or branch out (look for salsify at the moment), and it promotes diversity, both in farming and in our guts.

Visit Eat the Seasons for tips on what to eat when. 

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