A solid start in Ubisoft’s ravaged Washington DC

A solid start in Ubisoft's ravaged Washington DC

This is good, because the story around The Division 2 is wafer-thin. You are a member of a secret Government sleeper agency, called in to keep the peace in Washington DC after society has collapsed following a viral outbreak. The game is set seven months after the events of the New York-based original, with Washington now largely lawless. The streets are strewn with rubbish, cars and fallen masonry. Survivors have set up safe zones at local landmarks in the wake of heavily-armed gangs like the Hyenas taking over parts of the city and terrorising good folk.

It’s an evocative setting full of detail, with famous landmarks repurposed in a time of crisis. Night falls and the weather shifts; fog rolling in to cast an ephemeral pink glow. Each creating a different look and feel as you potter around the city, giving enemies cover of darkness as they stalk the night.

Your job is simple: you are the new sheriff, go clean up this town. This is achieved largely by, of course, shooting people in the face. You help out settlements with tasks and by finding resources they need, or rescuing survivors and key personnel to bolster the civilian resistance. But, yeah, mainly it’s shooting people in the face.

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