Abandoned your festive wardrobe? Here’s how to repurpose your party pieces for now

Abandoned your festive wardrobe? Here's how to repurpose your party pieces for now

One month, we’re up to our ears in Christmas and NYE party invitations, can hardly walk down the high street without being blinded by the slew of sequinned looks adorning shop windows, and can’t even shop online without being accosted by ‘Party Season’ banners imploring us to buy said sequinned looks. Then whoosh! The new year arrives and overnight, shop windows are purged of their sartorial sparkle and filled with minimalist pieces in monochrome or neutral tones to update our working wardrobes. 

The message is that sequins/feathers/pearls et al are things to be stored away for most of the year and brought out only for special occasions – but it’s a false narrative. The cold post-Christmas months…

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