‘Aegon paid £56 – I expected £45,000. Where is my missing cash?’

'Aegon paid £56 – I expected £45,000. Where is my missing cash?'

Being unhappy with Aegon my wife and I decided to transfer our funds elsewhere. We signed the documents to transfer our general investment accounts (GIAs) and our Isa funds more than two and a half months ago.

Three weeks ago I received a letter from Aegon with details of the sales of both my funds. After a wait the cash for the Isa arrived but I received only £56 for the GIA when I was expecting more than £45,000.

My wife received the correct sum for her GIA but her Isa has yet to be sold. I am told this is being done.

I have been seeking progress with my missing cash. Last Wednesday a gentleman found that a department in India had closed the transaction after paying the £56 in error. He told me he was issuing fresh instructions to pay me.

I am 83 and waiting months with nearly £100,000 in limbo is distressing.

DG, Wales

The last batch of your funds was finally transferred with the figures completed just before I received your letter.

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