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Artist: Alessandra Spranzi

Venue: P420, Bologna

Exhibition Title: Mani che imbrogliano

Date: November 11, 2018 – January 19, 2019

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13.Mani Che imbrogliano, 2018, installation view, Courtesy P420, Bologna 181116_Inst_029

2.A.Spranzi, Sul tavolo #105, 2018, stampa a colori su alluminio:c-print on aluminium, cm.30x41, ed.3+2pda(1:3)(ph.C.Favero 181114_46_01)

6. A.Spranzi, Buch der rosen #41 Caprice, #30 Eterna Giovinezza, #37 Queen Mary, #39 Ville de Saverne, 2017, 4 collage, cm.22,5x15 cad.:each (ph.C.Favero 181114_02-03-04-05)

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Images courtesy of the artist and P420, Bologna. Photos by C. Favero.

Press Release:

Mani che imbrogliano is the second solo exhibition by Alessandra Spranzi at Galleria P420, after Maraviglia (2014) and the group exhibition Lumpenfotografie, Towards a photography without vainglory curated by Simone Menegoi (2013, with Hans-Peter Feldmann, Peter Piller, Joachim Schmid and Franco Vaccari). The new exhibition features recent works and others dating back to 1995, in a sort of punctuation of thought, or vision, that is always in the present but develops over a wider time span.

Alessandra Spranzi works in different ways and forms with the photographic image: she takes photographs of things, photographs of photographs, finding them, cutting them, indicating and erasing them. She intervenes when images and things reach a certain distance from their uses and become, so to speak, unaware of themselves, their possibilities, their beauty.

For Mani che imbrogliano the artist has prepared a grand magic show made with limited – very limited – means. Images from manuals, of objects found or gathered in the street, together with others that have always been there in the wings in our homes, gestures that demonstrate, that try to explain something. Like Harry Houdini, who for 50 cents offered to teach you “how to read folded messages in the dark.” Papers folded in the dark, perhaps with an image inside.

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