An expert travel guide to San Francisco

An expert travel guide to San Francisco

Emergency services (ambulance, fire, police): Dial 911

Directory inquiries: Dial 411

San Francisco Visitor Information Center: 00 1 415 391 2000;; 900 Market St., San Francisco

Local laws and etiquette

Always have your passport and driver’s license with you when driving in the US, in case you get stopped by police.

You can turn right at a red traffic light (provided you come to a complete stop first, and there is no oncoming traffic and no contradictory sign saying “no turn on red”).

In most American cities, you have to park with your car pointing in the direction of the traffic on the correct side of the road; otherwise you will be ticketed and fined.

Also, avoid parking within 15ft of a fire hydrant.

Visitor passes and discount cards

The San Francisco CityPass offers discounts on a few major attractions and museums and includes a Muni bus and cable-car passport and a bay cruise.

The basics

Currency: US dollar

Telephone code: Dial 00 1 415, then the seven-digit number, if calling San Francisco from the UK. From within San Francisco, dial 1 415 followed by the seven-digit number

Time difference: -8 hours

Flight time: London to San Francisco is approximately 11 hours; the return leg averages 10 hours, 30 minutes

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