Andy Samberg and Sanrda Oh host award ceremony

Andy Samberg and Sanrda Oh host award ceremony

The awards, held in the Beverly Hills Hotel, feature nominees from both television and film, selected by the 90-odd members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HPFA). That makes for a convivial, fun atmosphere – as does the fact, unlike with other awards, alcohol and food is served.

Hosts Sandra Oh, star of the BBC’s Killing Eve, and comedian Andy Samberg from Brooklyn Nine Nine, have also said they’ll steer clear of politics, and keep the show fizzing.

“Everyone is depressed, and maybe that’s as good a reason as any that everyone could use a little time to laugh and celebrate,” said Samberg.

“Not to ignore anything, but we spend so much time every day wallowing in a lot of things that are happening in our world that are really depressing, and with good reason — that stuff needs to be paid attention to — but there’s also power to being positive and celebratory in the tougher times as well.”

Oh agreed, saying they hoped to bring “a moment of joy”.

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