Another Kick It Out trustee joins Garth Crooks in quitting in wake of new chairman’s appointment

Another Kick It Out trustee joins Garth Crooks in quitting in wake of new chairman's appointment

He said: “I don’t know, but I certainly have sympathy with Garth. He speaks very passionately about Kick It Out and that lineage to the past and I guess we see things quite similarly.”
In confirming his own resignation, Crooks had warned Kick It Out not to “leave racial discrimination behind” in its “quest to fight all discrimination”.
That prompted senior figures in the fight against bigotry in football to question whether divisions within the organisation would have emerged if it was funded to operate properly on all fronts, something that would require the Football Association, Premier League, English Football League and PFA to contribute far more than the combined £800,000 per year they do currently.
Responding to Onwere’s departure, Kick It Out said: “Udo has played a vital role in our work as a trustee and everyone at the Kick It Out thanks him for all his efforts in tackling discrimination in football. We are sad to see him go, but we understand and respect his decision to step down to focus on his extensive workload as a lawyer. Further announcements regarding the recruitment of additional trustees will be made in due course.
“In the meantime we are focused on continuing to campaign against all forms of discrimination in football – at every level of the game.”

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