Anthony Ogogo signs off from boxing as a champion in every respect

Anthony Ogogo signs off from boxing as a champion in every respect

In a short career “filled with hurt, pain and frustration”, Ogogo has been injured for a combined period of six years and four months and endured three shoulder dislocations, shattered eye sockets, broken bones, and damaged ligaments and tendons. Seventeen operations and intensive rehabilitation have typified that period of time.

Internationally, and blessed with a great physique and work rate, Ogogo went from Schoolboy Champion to European medallist to Junior Olympic Champion and finally to Junior World Champion. He also captained his country, England. He went on, in 2012, to claim the bronze medal at the London 2012 Olympics, whilst his mother was fighting for her life in hospital.

Richard Schaefer signed Ogogo as a professional for Oscar De La Hoya, and I recall Richard reaching out for an opinion about Anthony. I can recall saying that he would most likely go on to be a famous British boxer, as he was marketable – popular, handsome, and extremely likeable. He could fight a bit too…

“My career shouldn’t be judged on the medal or title success I did or didn’t have. I’d rather it be judged on the way I played the game. Each day, each training session, each fight I went into it with unrivalled amounts of determination, resilience, and pride. I never cheated, never skipped a session, never ducked an opponent or an opportunity – often times to my own detriment,” explained Ogogo.

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