Apple expected to kill off iTunes

Apple expected to kill off iTunes

Apple is thought to be winding down its iTunes music programme, as the company looks to rebrand its entertainment services.

The Facebook page for iTunes, which has served as Apple’s entertainment service for 18 years, has been wiped of all photographs, videos and posts, with the content all moved to the company’s Apple TV page. 

Reports earlier this year suggested that Apple is planning to put videos, podcasts and music in separate apps, rendering the iTunes programme defunct. 

iTunes was announced in January 2001, with users able to buy music in the iTunes store, which could then be downloaded, stored and played in the software and on iPod music players, or burned onto CDs.

Videos and podcasts were added in 2005 and full TV shows the following year.

Leaked screenshots published earlier this year suggested that the Music service will look similar to the existing iTunes software. 

More recently, the application has been criticised for not being consumer-friendly, and Apple has struggled to compete with music streaming services such as Swedish company Spotify, which allow users to pay a subscription to play music without having to buy it. 

It launched Apple Music in 2015, but the service has failed to overtake Spotify, and currently has around half as many users worldwide. 

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