Apple plans ‘Netflix for games’ subscription service, report claims

Apple's long-delayed charging mat reportedly in production

Apple is reportedly the latest technology giant making plans for a gaming subscription service.

Tech finance site Cheddar reported that ‘five people familiar with the matter’ said that the service will function like ‘Netflix-for-games’, with customers paying a subscription fee to access a select library of games.

It is unclear what type of games will feature, be it access to mobile titles on the app store or a premium game streaming service, but the report said that Apple has been privately exploring the idea with game developers since the second half of 2018.

Apple has also been reportedly speaking to developers about the iPhone-maker becoming a publishing partner on certain games. Apple declined to comment on the story.

The reported move comes as several other tech giants are investing in game streaming services. Microsoft will be rolling out trials for its ‘XCloud’ service this year, streaming Xbox One games to devices such as phones and tablets.

A test of Google’s Project Stream allowed select users to play historical blockbuster Assassin’s Creed Odyssey via online streaming in December, while Amazon are also reported to be looking its own game streaming service.

If the reports are correct, gaming will become another aspect of Apple’s growing service interests alongside Apple Music, healthcare apps and its cloud-storage solutions.

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