Apple punishes Google for data collection app

Apple punishes Google for data collection app

Google and Facebook rely on the enterprise certificate to test the iPhone versions of the apps they’re making. Without this option, some of the companies’ most important app-development work is disrupted. No public versions of the apps are affected. Many Google employees use Android devices, so Apple’s move was likely tougher on Facebook.

Apple didn’t respond to a request for comment. The company told a BuzzFeed editor that it is working with Google to “reinstate their enterprise certificates very quickly.”

Apple’s actions may burnish its reputation for privacy among consumers, but the moves are risky, too. If popular apps, such as like Facebook’s Instagram and Google Maps, aren’t kept up to date on iPhones, consumers might switch to handsets that run on Google’s Android operating system.

Google and Facebook likely could have avoided these problems if their data collection apps were tied to different certificates and accounts from the ones the company uses to test App Store apps and run their own company operations.

Google isn’t just a competitor – it pays Apple billions of dollars each year to be the default search engine provider for the Safari web browser on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. It’s unclear how this will impact that deal when renewal discussions begin.

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