Are ‘flexitarians’ exaggerating how little meat they eat?

Are 'flexitarians' exaggerating how little meat they eat?

However it said is mainstream success depends on advances making these protein sources more palatable, and the ability for them to be produced cost-effectively at scale. 

An example of this is flour made from crickets, which is already being used as a way of integrating protein into bakery goods, it said.   

It added that there has already been considerable research into the potential contribution that insect protein could make to food systems of the future including by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations. 

However the report said: “While these products and other replacements, such as dairy alternatives, may be freely available, ‘normalised’ and integrated into our diets, it is unlikely they will dominate the shopping basket and be a direct replacement for the vast majority of British people.”   

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