Aussie docs urged to work for the NHS

Aussie docs urged to work for the NHS

Health chiefs will attempt to recruit doctors from Down Under with a new campaign urging them to come to the land of Shakespeare, Harry Potter and Manchester United.

Australian GPs are being targeted by the new drive, in a desperate bid to plug shortages of family doctors across England.

In September 2015, then-Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, pledged there would be 5,000 extra GPs in England by 2020. But since then the number of full-time doctors in the workforce has fallen.

The new social media campaign will attempt to persuade doctors abroad to come to the NHS and work for “a national treasure”.

Australian doctors will be offered a “relocation package” of up to £18,500 to move to the England, as part of plans to recruit 2,000 doctors from overseas by next year.

The new NHS recruitment brochure urges medics to come to a country full of “churches, castles, manor houses, quaint villages and ancient monuments”.

Wordsworth, Beatrix Potter and Manchester United are highlighted as reasons to move to the north west, with Robin Hood and Shakespeare used to tempt Australian doctors considering moving to the Midlands.

Those thinking of emigrating are also urged to take the Harry Potter tour in Watford, enjoy getting around London on the “fantastically easy” tube and bus network, or try living in Bristol, the “spiritual home” of street artist Banksy.   

“The NHS needs you” campaign urges medics to work for a health service that has “transformed the health and wellbeing of our nation and become the envy of the world.”

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