Australian defence chief warns climate change could ‘stretch army capability’ in private speech

Australian defence chief warns climate change could 'stretch army capability' in private speech

The speech states that Australia is in “the most natural disaster-prone region in the world” and that “climate change is predicted to make disasters more extreme and more common”.
It also warns that the Federal Government’s actions on climate change could affect relationships with Pacific island nations, who have repeatedly called on Australia to do more to reduce carbon emissions.
Australian policy “could impact (Australia’s) ability to influence (Pacific island nations) choices for support in the region”, according to the text, which goes on to suggest they would turn elsewhere for support, possibly to China.
It is unknown how closely General Campbell followed the prepared speech. He said he drew on “key facts and vignettes” in the notes.
The opposition spokesman for the Pacific, Pat Conroy, said the text was “the final speech, signed off by all of Defence, including the Chief of the Defence Force, as their official views… on climate change as a national security threat”.
Security experts have warned that extreme weather events and other climate change related problems will lead to conflict due to dwindling resources and large numbers of climate refugees.
Dr Christian Parenti warned in his 2011 book Tropic of Chaos that tens of millions of people could be displaced by climate change.

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