bookies reveal odds on who will die

bookies reveal odds on who will die

Every new series of Game of Thrones poses the same question: which beloved characters are going to bite the dust?

Game of Thrones is known for its high mortality rate: there have been 174,373 deaths so far. The eighth season, set to air on April 14, is likely to be no exception. But is there money to be made out of all this on-screen misery? Bookies have revealed their odds on who will die – and who will emerge victorious – in this highly anticipated new series.

Things are looking good for Bran Stark and Jon Snow, who are the bookies favourites to win the series outright. At the other end of the scale is Gilly, whose odds of winning the series are 150/1.

But the future’s not looking so bright for Euron Greyjoy, who has a 1/50 chance of snuffing it this season. Fans of the Lannisters should also be on their guard: Cersei Lannister’s death is put at 1/25 and Jaime Lannister’s is 1/12.

Sansa has also been tipped as the most at-risk member of the Stark family, after a recent teaser trailer seemed to hint at her impending death.

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