Brendan Rodgers brings forward moving his family to Leicester after break-in 

Brendan Rodgers brings forward moving his family to Leicester after break-in 

Police Scotland is investigating the incident and Rodgers admitted he will now accelerate plans to buy a property in the east Midlands.

“They will come down for the Fulham game this weekend and then they will stay down,” he said.

“We are looking to buy a home here in Leicester as soon as possible. We will throw our lives into here and I look forward to that.

“I don’t want it to detract from the fact we had an amazing time as a family in Scotland and Glasgow in particular.

“The experiences we had on and off the field will live with us and we’re not going to let something like this or some of the reaction of the last 10 days cloud any of that.

“I’m always very focused on the football as well, so it won’t detract from my work.”

When asked if his Celtic medals had been stolen, Rodgers replied: “Aye, lots of it, and other bits of pieces. I’ll have to try and get some more.”

Rodgers has reiterated that he felt compelled to make the move to Leicester, despite the prospect of winning his third successive treble north of the border.

He has returned to English football for the first time since October 2015.

“I apply logic to it and I can understand why people would be upset. But I came here for the reasons I went to Celtic,” he said. “People said,  ‘Why would you go to Scotland and move to that league?’ But I went because of Celtic. It was my club as a kid and I felt, having been offered the job there, that I might never get asked to do it again.

“I’ve always been decisive and I made the decision to go there despite what people’s opinions were. By the same token, on the other side, I was left with this decision again, and taking emotion out of it I felt that.”

Rodgers will take charge of his first Leicester game at the King Power Stadium on Saturday, with the visit of struggling Fulham.

Steven Gerrard has called the thieves who ransacked Rodgers’ home ‘disgusting’ and asked for heavy prison sentences to deter burglars who frequently target footballers. The break-in at the Rodgers family home in the affluent Glasgow suburb of Bearsden evoked painful memories of a similar episode experienced by Gerrard in 2010, when a gang including Martin Wilson – described in court as an ‘extremely violent’ burglar – broke into his house in Formby.

Gerrard was playing for Liverpool in a Champions League tie in Marseille when the robbery occurred and his wife, Alex, was threatened at knife-point that, if she did not hand over jewellery and open a safe, the couple’s children would be abducted. Wilson was jailed for seven years, a punishment regarded as lenient by Gerrard.

“It’s disgusting, it’s disgusting, to go into someone else’s house – that is their private place – but I’d like to answer this question with a broader answer,” the Rangers manager said when asked for his reaction to the break-in at the Rodgers home. “Players, coaches and high-profile people are always going to get burgled unless there is a change higher up at government level and MP level.

“Until they make the punishment more than 10 years, this is going to continue. It’s happened to me, it’s happened to hundreds of players and now it’s happened to Brendan. And it’s disgusting.

“If you make the decision that you’re going into someone else’s house or apartment or property when there are children about, it’s just wrong. If you’re tooled up, if you’re weaponed up, then, having made that decision it should be punished by more than 10 years, in my opinion. The authorities are far too lenient with burglaries.”

Gerrard suggested that footballers are targeted because it is known when they will be away from home. “I’ve got a system in place when I am [away] but I shouldn’t have to.

“You should be able to go to work morning, noon or night and be confident that your family are safe, especially if you have invested in a property.

“Everyone on the planet should be able to go to work knowing their family is safe when the door is locked. To have to put security in place in this day and age isn’t right. The authorities have to do more and punish this more severely. Then it will stop.

“It’s the same with all kinds of different crimes. They won’t stop until the punishments are severe enough. If the authorities start saying that if you go to someone’s house, get caught trying to burgle it and are found guilty, you get 10 to 15 years in jail instead of three to five, I think it will stop.

“Shouldn’t it be the case where you wake up in the morning, go to work or anywhere in your life and you know your kids and family are safe? That’s my opinion on it. I know it’s strong but I know we’ll be talking about another incident like this probably before the end of the season.”

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