British Cambridge graduate found dead ‘in a pool of blood’ at his home in St Lucia

British Cambridge graduate found dead 'in a pool of blood' at his home in St Lucia

On return from cruising in the Mediterranean he joined the marine industry, working for a yacht building and repair company near Southampton, where his ex-wife still lives.

In St Lucia, he designed and built a solar–powered catamaran, the first of its kind in the Caribbean, and went on to establish The Marina at Marigot Bay which he managed until 2014.

In 2014, Mr Hathaway spoke to the Telegraph after Briton Roger Pratt was killed on his yacht in St Lucia, having sailed to the island with his wife, who survived the botched attempted robbery.

“(He was) very pleasant, obviously very happy and very relaxed,” he said. “He was on the trip of a lifetime and I knew exactly how he felt because I had done the same thing.”

A spokeswoman for the Foreign Office said on Monday: “Our staff are in contact with the authorities in St Lucia following reports of the death of a British man.”

Mr Hathaway’s sister, Angela Gough, declined to comment. Their other sibling, Ellen, died in 1981 aged 21.

St Lucia has a murder rate of nearly 20 per 100,000, according to World Bank figures, with much of the violence attributed to drug gangs. The UK rate by the same measure is 1.2 per 100,000.

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