Champion amateur Alanna Nihell on being corner woman for husband Chez’s pro debut

Champion amateur Alanna Nihell on being corner woman for husband Chez's pro debut

Alanna feels there is no one better placed for the job in the corner.

“I’ve been with Chez from the very start of his boxing career. I might be Chez’s wife but I’m also his best friend. I understand what drives him. It is really something special. If I wasn’t a boxer and just Chez’s wife, it might be more challenging from an emotional perspective to be in his corner watching him in the heat of battle. 

“But I am not only Chez’s wife but also a boxer myself, so I understand what he will be going through. I recognise the risks and I know he will take punches in that ring. When Chez is fighting I’ll be in there with him, taking each and every blow, too. I will be driving him on. 

“The fact is I know he’s experienced enough and can handle himself in the ring. I have seen Chez get rocked before in the amateurs. When he boxed in the ABA’s he took an eight-count and got up. I know that one punch in professional boxing can change someone’s career forever. I’ll be looking out for him making sure he’s OK.”

For Chez, Alanna is a rock. “Having Alanna in my corner on fight night will give me that extra edge. With every great man stands a stronger woman. She will keep me focused. We bounce off each other. Boxing is a lonely old sport sometimes and not everyone understands it. I’m lucky that my wife does. She’s competed at the highest level as an amateur.

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