Could goat meat be the new foodie trend of 2019?

Could goat meat be the new foodie trend of 2019?

A number of trendy London restaurants are already regularly offering goat on their menus, including the famous St Johns restaurant in East London, Ottolenghi, and Mark Hix’s various eateries. 

The rise of goats meat as a popular dish comes some years after dairy products from goats have acheived mainstream success. Sales of goats cheese and milk have been rising for the past five years, Kantar Worlpanel data shows, with cheese sales up by £3m over five years, from £27m to £30.5 million. The size of the goats milk market has grown by £2.5m, up from £29.5m to £32m over the same period.

Meat from young goats (kids) is mild-flavoured, tender and comparable to lamb, while meat from older goats is tougher and has a stronger flavour.  

While goats have been reared in the UK for centuries they were marginalised as farm animals as early as the 14th century, amid a boom in the trading of sheep’s wool, which could be made into warm clothes.   


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