Crufts branded ‘irresponsible’ by RSPCA over Dachshund advice 

Crufts branded 'irresponsible' by RSPCA over Dachshund advice 

Crufts has been branded “irresponsible” by the RSPCA after owners were told to stop their sausage dogs jumping on the sofa.

Viewers were informed during Saturday night’s coverage that there were a number of “real no nos” which could exasperate the back problems suffered by many dachshunds, including allowing them to climb stairs or onto the furniture.

But the animal charity complained that the advice brushed over the real issue, which is the way that the dogs are bred.

The comments were made by Peter Purves, the veteran Crufts and Blue Peter presenter who owns several Dachshunds. He told Channel 4 viewers during group judging: “The big problem with them is that they are long dogs with short legs so are prone to getting back problems, they can get that – not all but some can.”

He said: “You can’t predict it but ideally they don’t get back problems if you don’t allow them to jump up. You certainly don’t allow them to climb stairs. Those are real no nos.”

In response the RSPCA took to Twitter to complain: “Great for Crufts to raise awareness of the problems that Dachshunds face but very irresponsible to suggest that not allowing them to jump up is the only way to prevent them – they need to be bred less long and low.

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