don’t write this crimebusting clergy drama off as cosy, it’s much deeper than that 

don't write this crimebusting clergy drama off as cosy, it's much deeper than that 

Certain series are derided – usually by people who haven’t seen them – as cosy or sentimental when, at their heart, they hide something flintier, deeper and darker. Call the Midwife is one such, and Grantchester another. You can see why these assumptions are made – television shows featuring crimebusting clergy don’t tend to push boundaries or probe taboos, whether it’s Tom Bosley in Father Dowling Mysteries or Mark Williams in Father Brown.

The opening to the fourth series of Grantchester would have changed few minds, as Rev Sidney Chambers (James Norton) and DI Geordie Keating (Robson Green) engaged in some light-hearted banter about the culture wars stirring in 1956. “I blame that fella with…

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