early exit polls suggest Netanyahu is in trouble

Israel election results 'too close to call' as exit polls show Gantz and Netanyahu neck-and-neck

Israel was holding its breath on Tuesday after early election exit polls suggested Benjamin Netanyahu’s centrist rivals had won more seats in parliament, potentially endangering the prime minister’s 13 years in power. 
While no final results were available, two out of three early exit polls indicated that Mr Netanyahu’s Likud had fallen slightly behind Blue & White, the centrist coalition led by former army general Benny Gantz. A third poll showed the parties tied.
The exit polls, which have been wrong in the the past, suggested that neither Mr Gantz nor Mr Netanyahu had a clear path to forming a majority coalition government, which likely means weeks of post-election negotiations before a final result is clear. 
There was no immediate reaction from either Likud or Blue & White and both sides appeared to be waiting for more complete results before making statements on victory or defeat. 
But if the results held, it would be a remarkable set back for Mr Netanyahu, who is Israel’s longest-serving prime minister and has held power continuously for more than a decade through a string of clear election victories.

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