EasyJet passenger claims airline ‘racially profiled’ him after staff burst in on him using toilet mid-flight

EasyJet passenger claims airline 'racially profiled' him after staff burst in on him using toilet mid-flight

“I feel completely violated.”

The incident happened two hours into a flight from Marrakesh, Morocco, to Manchester, on March 5, as Adil was travelling home from a winter holiday.

Mr Kayani claims he was in the toilet for less than ten minutes when the steward opened the door.

However, the airline argues he was locked inside the bathroom for “some time” and staff were concerned for his welfare.

Mr Kayani said he complained to “dismissive” staff.

He added: “When I came out of the toilet I saw the guy who opened the door but he avoided me.

“I was expressing I was unhappy about it.

“I sat back down and a stewardess was sent over to explain. She said it was part of their safety and security policy.

Mr Kayani was offered, which he said he rejected, a £500 goodwill gesture and an apology from easyJet after he complained to company when back in the UK.

Whilst the airline say Mr Kayani was barged in on for concerns over his welfare, he claims to be the victim of “racial profiling”, due to his Pakistani heritage and Muslim faith.

He accused staff of interrupting his toilet break after becoming “suspicious” of what he was doing in the loo.

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