England football player ‘took cocaine in a nightclub’

England football player 'took cocaine in a nightclub'

The Football Association has appealed for people to come forward with information after a England footballer was allegedly caught taking cocaine in a nightclub.

The unnamed sportsman, who plays for a premier league side, was reportedly spotted by a teammate snorting the Class A drug in the loo at a pre-Christmas party.

A club source told The Sun newspaper that the footballer had emerged looking worse for wear and had been sent hom in a taxi by the team manager who thought he was drunk.

Professional footballers can be subjected to random drug testing at any time during the season, but it was claimed the player had given clean samples the day before the incident.

A FA spokesman said it operated one of the most comprehensive anti-doping programmes in the world that was also aimed at preventing the use of recreational drugs.

The spokesman also asked anyone with any information about the case to come forward.

“Although incidents of doping in English football are very rare, it remains a priority for The FA to find and sanction anyone found taking performance-enhancing or recreational drugs.

“We encourage anyone with information about any anti-doping violation in football to report it to The FA,” the spokesman said.

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