Every goal from today’s ties

Every goal from today's ties




  1. the power of apparently influencing events by using mysterious or supernatural forces.

  2. A couple of full-strength top-flight teams having their FA Cup dreams ended by lower-league opposition

Another year, another lengthy debate about the increasingly folkloric Magic of the FA Cup™. And it is a brand, in fact; one so attractive, somehow, that the FA managed to secure £820m for its overseas broadcasting rights. Good news? Not so much for the travelling fans, who are facing some unreasonable kick-off times to satisfy the (slightly baffling) international interest in third-round day.

My colleague Rob Bagchi will have all the action from the inevitable opening TV game of Manchester United vs Reading, while I will endeavour to keep up with the Jeff Stellings of this world and bring you news of every goal, every upset and every safe passage to round four. Stay tuned, the third round is about to get going…

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