FaceTime bug lets iPhone owners eavesdrop on conversations 

FaceTime bug lets iPhone owners eavesdrop on conversations 

An iPhone bug that allows users to spy on people by video calling them has been discovered.

The glitch could let callers listen in to another person’s conversation and even see video of them without their knowledge.

Callers can create a three-way group call with two versions of themselves, plus another person, before the phone has been picked up, which allows them to hear whatever is happening on the other end. 

A second issue also lets a caller see video through the recipient’s phone camera if they attempt to hang up by pressing the power button. 

The bug is part of the group video calling feature, which Apple added to its iPhones in October as part of the software update iOS 12.1. 

The Telegraph was able to replicate both parts of the bug using iPhones, and it is also believed to work if the Apple ID of the call recipient is attached to a Mac computer. FaceTime calls ring for longer on a Mac than they do on an iPhone. 

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