Father of missing Katrice Lee says he believes his daughter is still alive as police continue to question a man

Royal Military Police arrest man in connection with 1981 disappearance of toddler Katrice Lee

“As this is an ongoing investigation we cannot comment further at this stage.”
A Wiltshire Police spokesman confirmed that the Royal Military Police were leading the investigation.
Katrice was last seen in a Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes (NAAFI) shopping complex in Schloss Neuhaus, Paderborn, West Germany, near to where her parents, Sharon and Richard were living at the time.
When her mother turned round after paying for goods at the counter, Katrice had gone and has not been seen since.
Speaking at his home in Hartlepool, County Durham, Mr Lee said: “I think she was abducted and that she has been brought up as someone else’s daughter. I feel that very strongly and have never given up hope that she’ll be found.
“Sometimes it’s like living with a torture, your mind turns over and over looking for explanations.
“I’ve suspected that it was someone on the base, maybe someone in my unit with a vendetta against me, you never stop turning over the possibilities.
“But it’s the very fact that I can’t let it rest, won’t accept she will never be found that has kept this investigation alive and led to this most recent development.”

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