fierce and fantastic fighter marred only by commercial concerns

Mortal Kombat 11 release date, character roster and all you need to know

No matter how interesting the writing and characters are though, a fighting game is worth nothing if, well, the fighting isn’t very good. Mortal Kombat 11 has a similar technical feel to the previous game, but with even more fluidity. Button inputs are sharp and precise, and there’s a big focus on direct, in-your-face, side-by-side brawling.

A special meter fills up over time, allowing you to very quickly use a series of offensive or defensive abilities, or allow it to fill up to perform more powerful moves. The X-Ray attacks of MKX are gone, replaced with Fatal Blows which you can trigger once your health is low enough. And of course there are the usual character-specific special moves, combos and the beloved – and ludicrously gory – fatalities.

The roster’s terrifically varied too. A host of familiar faces like Johnny, Sonya, Cassie, Baraka, then newcomers like Geras, a sand-wielding superman, and Kollector, a multi-armed villain with Larfleeze-like covetousness. Then there are the twists on familiar faces, with a whole host of characters now in undead ‘wraith’ form. Jade’s new design in particular is fantastic, as is Kabal’s. So there’s plenty here to suit everyone’s style, or aesthetic choice.

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