First look at Afroditi Krassa’s design for Lucky Cat, Gordon Ramsay’s latest venture

First look at Afroditi Krassa's design for Lucky Cat, Gordon Ramsay's latest venture

“There’s a lot of restaurant design now that’s trying to grab people’s attention with bright colour, the Instagram thing,” muses the interior designer Afroditi Krassa. “We wanted to bring a feeling of darkness.”

She’s talking about her work on the interior of Gordon Ramsay’s latest venture, the pan-Asian restaurant Lucky Cat, which will replace the recently closed Maze at the London Marriott Hotel in Grosvenor Square, this summer.

Her concept for the restaurant, far from the maximalist, pattern-packed spaces she refers to, was inspired by Japanese kissa bars – late-night drinking and dancing dens that became popular among the affluent young people of Tokyo in the 1930s. Her aim was not to replicate them, but to capture their unique ambience: “These were fun places where you could let your hair down, go into a slightly different world,” she says.

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