‘God wanted Trump as president,’ says White House press secretary

'God wanted Trump as president,' says White House press secretary

Elsewhere during the interview Ms Sanders criticised House of Representatives speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comment that a wall along the US-Mexico border would be “immoral”. Ms Pelosi is the most senior Democrat in the House and made the comment earlier this year. 

“Honestly, it’s very hard at this point to even take a lecture from Democrats on what is moral and what isn’t,” Ms Sanders said, according to a transcript of the interview shared by CBN.

She added later: “The idea that protecting the people of your country, which is the fundamental duty of being president of the United States, would in some way be immoral is a ridiculous charge.”

Mr Brody, the journalist who conducted the interview, recently co-wrote a book called The Faith of Donald J. Trump: A Spiritual Biography. Mr Trump tweeted that it was “a very interesting read”.


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