‘How do I apply for a power of attorney refund?’

'How do I apply for a power of attorney refund?'

This is a secure UK Government website. Do not use any other website to make the claim as they will be taking a chunk of your rebate. You can easily submit an application yourself for free.

You will need the bank account details of the person who registered the document.

The refund should be paid within 12 weeks. You can also apply by phone. Call 0300 456 0300 and choose option six.

You are not alone in being yet to claim. So far, only £12m has been paid out of an estimated £69m that has been set aside, according to recent figures that pensions firm Royal London obtained from the Ministry of Justice.

Only 194,713 individuals out of an estimated one million people affected had been refunded as of Feb 1 2019.

You have plenty of time to submit a claim. The deadline is Jan 31 2021.

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