How should small businesses use social media in 2019?

How should small businesses use social media in 2019?

LinkedIn encourages thought leadership through longer-form content, such as articles, videos and considered blogs. Pepper says that, like other sites, there’s an algorithm that curates feeds, but the main factor behind a post’s reach is engagement (a combination of likes, shares, comments and views).

He echoes Vaynerchuk on vanity metrics, saying that firms shouldn’t obsess over them, instead focusing on outcomes. LinkedIn’s own research claims that thought leadership leads directly to sales.

Content that drives conversations

With more than 2.3bn monthly active users, Facebook remains by far the largest social media website, but businesses view the platform in a dimmer light than before. “The scandals have hurt its reputation,” says Marie Page, founder of The Digiterati, an online consultancy.

Enterprises are also often irritated about a lack of reach, she adds. Unless a post gains many likes and shares or gets boosted with ad spend, it tends to be seen by only a small percentage of a page’s fans because of Facebook’s algorithm. Entrepreneurs must therefore focus on creating content that’s “engaging and drives conversations, as anything too promotional or salesy will be squashed.”

Page also says that well-run Facebook groups tend to perform better than pages, but these require dedicated admins to ensure that communities remain “troll-free, supportive” and inviting.

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