How to speak when you’ve lost your voice (take note, Mrs May)

How to speak when you've lost your voice (take note, Mrs May)

Pity Theresa May’s dry vocal chords. The Prime Minister this week finds herself without a voice (nor a Brexit deal, for that matter). Yesterday she spoke in Parliament with a markedly horse, rasping voice, after her withdrawal agreement was rejected by MPs by a significant 149 votes.

And today holds no respite. May will be required to speak again, as she presents a Government motion to block a no deal Brexit. If, as expected, MPs vote against a no deal, they will go on to vote tomorrow on a further Brexit delay.

To employ a cliché as well-worn as her voice, it’s crunch time: if ever May was in need of projecting her voice, that moment is now.

Of course, it’s not the first time the husky-voiced…

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