Huawei sues US government over ‘unconstitutional’ ban

Huawei sues US government over 'unconstitutional' ban

Huawei is suing the US government arguing that a ban on using its equipment in federal systems is”unconstitutional”.

A US law bars the government from doing business with companies who use Huawei equipment as a significant part of their system. 

“The US Congress has repeatedly failed to produce any evidence to support its restrictions on Huawei products,” said chairman Guo Ping. “We are left with no choice but to challenge the law in court.”

The ban may be motivated by US fears that competitors would overtake it on 5G technology, the company suggested, and also mentioned US president Donald Trump’s recent comments suggesting he did not want to “artificially block people out based on excuses or based on security”.

Huawei, China’s first global tech brand, is at the center of US-Chinese tensions over technology competition and cyber-spying. The company has spent years trying to put to rest accusations it facilitates Chinese spying or is controlled by the ruling Communist Party.

Its CFO, Meng Wanzhou is currently on bail in Canada, having been arrested on charges of fraud relating to the violation of US sanctions on Japan. She denies wrongdoing and is fighting extradition to the US. 

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