Hugo Lloris urges Spurs to not throw hard work away after Champions League final defeat

Hugo Lloris urges Spurs to not throw hard work away after Champions League final defeat

“Win the Champions League. We are more than capable of doing that and we have shown that we are up there with Europe’s best,” Winks said. “People say we need to win a trophy and we need to this or that, but what we have achieved is greater than that and it just shows how much the manager has taken this club to a new level and how much he has taken the players to the next level.”

Toby Alderweireld also suggested that Spurs could come back next season and win the competiton. “Why not? Every year in the Champions League we’ve improved,” the defender added. “It’s difficult to talk about next season now. We are very disappointed. But in a couple of days we need to get our heads together, then next season we go again.”

It was an interesting comment given his future has been in some doubt. The 30-year-old has one year left on his contract but there is also a £25 million release clause which can be triggered. However, the Belgian spoke as if he was staying.

“You see we are improving,” he said. “We have a new stadium behind us now and we have a young group. A group who can still improve. This experience we will take as well for next season and we have to go again.

“I think Spurs are one of the biggest clubs in the world. Look at the fan base around the world. Look at the stadium. The history. It’s a massive club and it really hurts not to give them a trophy.

“Everybody is very disappointed but we have to look at it like this: it’s the next step that we have taken and now we have to keep going. Not think: ‘Oh we are happy with the final and maybe in a couple of years [we’ll be back].’ No, no. Next year we want to be here again. That’s the mentality, the philosophy we have in this group. To improve every season. And again with the new stadium, with the new vibe in the team, we’ll do good.”

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