I am a dreamer and just want to play my football

I am a dreamer and just want to play my football

“Everybody, 10 years ago, knew very well Barcelona and Barcelona won everything because they played their football very well. So, first of all, I want to play very well my football. Then I can change. Barca were predictable, but they won.”

Sarri seems untroubled that a stubbornness to change his approach could ultimately cost him his job and insisted that he can cope with the pressure at Stamford Bridge.

“I think that my job is always at risk, and I love my job for this reason,” he said. “I thrive on pressure. So I love my job for everything, but I know very well the rules. My job is always at risk. You can win against (Manchester) City, but after three days you are at risk.

“I arrived from Naples. Naples is, for the third time in a row, in the Champions League. So the level here is really very high, but the old level wasn’t so low.

“And I think the pressure at Napoli was more. Because Naples is the only big city in Italy with only one team. So, in Naples, the pressure from the fans is really a big pressure.”

Those who believe that summer signing Jorginho, who Sarri brought with him from Napoli, is becoming a teacher’s pet will be concerned by the latest defence of the midfielder.

“It depends upon what you want from Jorginho,” said Sarri. “If Jorginho you want the last pass, he has not adapted. Jorginho is very able to move the ball, to build up the action, but Jorginho usually plays at 40-45m from the opposition goal, so it’s impossible for him to make the last pass. Jorginho is very good for another job.”

On whether or not he would consider swapping N’Golo Kante into Jorginho’s position, Sarri added: “Only for 20 minutes if I have to defend a result.”

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