‘I am worried about the results, not the fans’

'I am worried about the results, not the fans'

In terms of the threat of being sacked, he added: “I was really very worried when I was in League Two in Italy. Not now.

“It’s not my problem [whether I am given time]. My problem is to start [preparing] the game tomorrow morning and to work with my players to try and improve in a few days, and find more determination, more aggression. Because we conceded the second goal without determination or aggression.”

On whether or not his players are still behind him, Sarri said: “I think so. Of course I am not sure, but I think so. I think the situation with the players is really very good for the relationship, but the relationship is not so important. It’s important to play, it’s important to get good results, but my relationship with my players is good at the moment.”

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