I could not be more ambitious for what Everton can achieve but I’m not a magician

I could not be more ambitious for what Everton can achieve but I'm not a magician

“You can be more demanding but you still have to be realistic. That is my opinion. This was a specific meeting where we told our shareholders what is our aim, not just for the next five or 10 days, but for the future. We have to look at it as a project and not something that will appear next week. Sometimes it is dangerous when you want to take a step that is bigger than your legs.

“We have to go step-by-step, go in the right way and that is what we are doing. We are improving the squad and the facilities at the club. Of course we want it as soon as possible to put our club in a position to fight and challenge the clubs who have commanded the Premier League for the past 10 years. When you want something really fast sometimes it is not possible and so you go step-by-step. You have to look at everything in a realistic way.”    

Although Moshiri’s comments shone a light on Everton’s league position, Silva feels there are mitigating factors for the most recent dip – not least four games in 10 days over Christmas, the most demanding schedule of any Premier League club.

“We are not the worst team. You take the things that the owner said sometimes out of context,” he said.

“I know the club and one of the things our club needs apart from quality, good players, good managers and ambition is some stability.

“I know what he asked me to do when I joined the club. It is not something to do in six months because that would not make sense. I did not come here to be a magician. That is not for me. I am a manager and when I came in we had many, many things to change. I am sure step by step, with some stability doing the right things like we did, we will achieve that.

“Our [first] goal as a club is to do better than last season.”

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