I think it’s all over for people on the pitch

I think it's all over for people on the pitch

One thing that should happen, an immediate measure, is the abandonment of the change in the rules over substitutions which has been agreed by football’s ruling making body, Ifab.

The plan is for players who are substituted to leave the pitch at the nearest goal-line or side-line and walk round the perimeter rather than heading for the technical area. That cannot be allowed to happen as, evidently, their safety cannot be guaranteed.

Safety in general has to be reviewed. Safety for everyone inside a football stadium, including the players, has to be guaranteed. The football authorities, led by the FA, need to accept that the measures need to be strengthened. We want the fans close to the pitch, which helps give British football its unique atmosphere, but only if they can be trusted.

Beyond that, though, fans need to consider what they want from football. The unpalatable truth is that there is an unsavoury, dislikeable and dangerous growing trend.

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