Indian state to implement universal basic income by 2022

Indian state to implement universal basic income by 2022

The SDF government says it has already considered the financial mechanics of the scheme. The successful implementation of several hydropower projects by the state has yielded a power surplus which it sells elsewhere in India.

Plus, it is one of the most visited by tourists and receives substantial revenues from them.

Sikkim, with its modest population of under 620,000, is one of India’s better states in terms of living standards  according to official data.

It has a poverty level of 8 to 9 per cent, much lower than the national average, and the third highest gross income per capita of all Indian states,  meaning it has healthier public resources on which to draw.

Sikkim is also one of the safest and most progressive states for women, with a higher than average presence in the workplace, at around 29 per cent, and less crime against females.

The state’s literacy rate is among the country’s highest, at 82.2 per cent, up from 68.8 per cent in 2001, according to government statistics.

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