Instagram bans ‘miracle’ diet product promotions by celebrities and influencers

L'Oreal boss says Instagram is good for business as young women need to buy make-up to look like filtered selfies 

‘Miracle’ diet product promotions are being banned by Instagram, the social media giant has announced amid growing criticism over celebrities pushing ‘get thin quick’ remedies.
The company said it will now remove any posts that make “miraculous” claims about weight loss and are linked to a commercial promotion.
Instagram also said it would start hiding promotions for cosmetic surgery and other diet products from under 18s. The new policies will also apply to across Facebook, which owns Instagram.
The move comes as Instagram has faced mounting pressure over celebrities making money from sponsored posts for quick-fix diet products.
Last year, US reality star Kim Kardashian, who has 148 million Instagram followers, was criticised for promoting an appetite-suppressing lollipop on her account.   

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