Is this Essex fishing village Britain’s happiest place?

Is this Essex fishing village Britain's happiest place?

The happiest place in the UK, at least according to a semi-rigorous survey conducted by a property website, is… Leigh-on-Sea. A fishing village turned commuter town on the Essex bank of the Thames Estuary, Leigh is partly subsumed by neighbouring Southend-on-Sea, partly by its own distinct, semi-maritime community. 

Of course, if people are prompted by the survey result to buy houses in Leigh, then the whole maritime community thing will be severely diluted. Then again, Leigh won the same bauble in 2016, so it must have some happiness to spare. Enviously hoping to seize some of this happiness for myself, I paid it a visit.

It was a cloudy Monday and the estuary was grey and calm. This was a disappointment:…

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