‘It was an attack on Leave voters’ -readers review Channel 4’s Brexit: the Uncivil War drama

'It was an attack on Leave voters' -readers review Channel 4's Brexit: the Uncivil War drama

A number of reader opinions have been sourced from the Telegraph’s Brexit WhatsApp group, which you can sign up to here.

‘Good drama’ 

@SadBrit InEu:

”It is a good piece of drama, whatever your views.

”I think it shows that the divide was there for a long time, Voting Leave was just a way of expressing it for many people, even though, faced with the reality of Brexit many of those people will suffer more hardship.

”Brexit is irrelevant. It is an excuse to protest. The Hum should be heard and things should change accordingly. But Brexit itself is not the solution, it doesn’t get rid of the divide, or the class system that created it.”

‘An attack on Leavers’ 

@Kathryn Graham (Hartley, Kent):

”Too biased against the leave voters, represented them as uneducated, poor, implied they were easily influenced by the campaign. Although James Graham stated in an interview that as a Remainer he had to be unbiased when writing it, I don’t think he succeeded. I felt this it was definitely an attack on Leavers and the leave campaign.”

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