‘I’ve faced a vendetta over my links to Emiliano Sala agent’

'I've faced a vendetta over my links to Emiliano Sala agent'

Greg Clarke, the FA chairman, refused to comment on the Sala case, but has confirmed he is working closely with Fifa on tougher curbs to ensure intermediaries are held to account.

“I’m a big fan of making sure that the agents are regulated properly, and that the market is transparent and clean and conforms to best practice,” he said. “I am sure most agents would want that too.”

Clarke will have increasing influence after being elected this week as vice-president at Fifa, which is considering a “clearing house” to scrutinise all transfers. The FA, he said, wants “sensible rules in place, drafted in conjunction with the players, FIFPro, the PFA and others that protect everybody. A transparent set of rules, a compliant set of rules, that is then adopted globally.”

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