J. Parker Valentine at Krieg (Contemporary Art Daily)



Artist: J. Parker Valentine

Venue: Krieg, Hasselt

Exhibition Title: Special Interests

Date: February 14 –  April 2,

Note: A text associated with the exhibition written by Lilou Vidal can be downloaded here.

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Images courtesy of Krieg, Hasselt

Press Release:

In the work of J. Parker Valentine, the physicality of different materials is drafted into the service of the drawn line. There is a narrative of process, where each part of an installation informs the next through rhythmic, persistent patterns across media. Her line is not only drawn, but can also have dimension and materiality; it may be the edge of a fragment of cloth, or a shadow created by light cast over an object. Her work entices a host of narratives for the viewer, permeating and complicating one another as the constituent parts of an installation are absorbed in whole.

For her solo show at KRIEGSpecial Interests, Valentine presented a comic strip-like frieze of drawings on wood veneer that span the space of the room. Through cutouts in the material, the white of the walls could be seen. These negative spaces are as critical as the drawings themselves, disrupting the hierarchy of material and absence.

J. Parker Valentine is an artist based in Los Angeles. Solo exhibitions include Misako and Rosen, Tokyo, Japan (2019); Galerie Max Mayer, Düsseldorf, Germany (2018); The Juan & Patricia Vergez Collection, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2016); Park View, Los Angeles, USA (2016); Langen Foundation, Neuss, Germany (2014). Group exhibitions include Pélamide, Barbara Gladstone, Brussels, Belgium (2017); 99 Cents or Less, Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit, USA (2017); The Figure 8, Gallery 307, Lamar Dodd School of Arts, University of Georgia, Athens, USA (2015); An Account of Discovery and Wonder, 1857, Oslo, Norway (2015); Imprisoned, Jailbreak. XYZ, Tokyo, Japan (2013). Her work has been featured in Art Review, Mousse, Flash Art Italia and Modern Painters.

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